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Kens World Directory | Privacy Policy | UK classifieds directory listing

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
Privacy and Data Policy

The Policy explains who we are, how we collect information using our website, the usage of cookies and analytics.
Who we intend to share the information with.
By using this website you are agreeing to this privacy policy.
Who We Are
www.kensworld.co.uk is run and operated by Bed Of Roses Advertising Ltd Company Registration Number 07068356
How We Collect Information
Information is collected when you  call or complete any of the forms on our site including  
Contact Us
Or Any Online Form Enquiry
Traffic statistics  using analytics and StatCounter
Gathering information including where visitors came from before entering our site, pages visited on site, impressions and clicks.
Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics and satatcounter to improve our website, for those who visit our site to provide a better user experience
For more information about Google Analytics regarding please click www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners.
Use of Cookies
When you visit the www.ppcclickmanagemts.co.uk website we issue a "cookie" or unique identification code that enables us to recognise your computer and store settings to help facilitate your use of the website.
Why we use cookies
When you visit the www.ppcclickmanagemts.co.uk website we issue a "cookie" or unique identification code that enables us to recognise your computer and store settings to help facilitate your use of the website. 
Information forwarded to www.kensworld.co.uk
All information data provided on our site is forwarded to relevant service providers and then deleted from our servers.
We do not store your information

Please note you need to enable cookies in your browser in order to place any details. For further information on cookies or for details on how to delete them or refuse their installation on your computer, please visit www.aboutcookies.org "We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties" 
Sharing information with third parties
We do not sell or share your personal data to any third parties. 

All personal information collected although not stored from  www.kensworld.co.uk  website will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Act 1998 (as amended from time to time).
We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time and without notice. You agree to regularly review this Privacy Policy so that you are aware of any changes. 
We use an SSL certificate, which protects sensitive data as it travels across the internet.

Any links leading from www.kensworld.co.uk to another site, we cannot be responsible, regarding the content or privacy policy, please visit at your own risk.

In order to place an advertisement on the Ken's World Directory website, you will need to register with us, online. We will require you to supply your name, e-mail address, postal address, and postcode and telephone numbers. 

Depending upon the classifications you have chosen, the publication the advert is going to and the type of advert (Category /Sub Category) you wish to place, you may have to pay to place the advert and provide your payment details. Payment details are taken over a secure connection. Searches In order to conduct a search on the Ken's World Directory website, we will require you to supply a city/town and a keyword of the item you are searching for i.e. "plumber". 


When registered, Ken's World Directory is committed to continually improving and enhancing the service we offer and you will be notified of these changes by email.

You have the right to access all personal information held by Ken's World Directory relating to you and to rectify any inaccuracies in the information held. Further enquiries should be made admin@kensworld.co.uk

We have taken measures to ensure that information supplied to us is held securely. As a consequence; we may occasionally request proof of identity before allowing access to your personal information. 

Online Advertisements Telephone numbers and email addresses supplied as part of an advertisement will be used to contact you for the duration of the booking. 


Email addresses are collected in order to send registered users their chosen password and constitutes part of your log-in details. From their registered profile the user can access their My Ads page and My Account page at any time in order to update their details. Other registration information is collected for a number of purposes including without limitation: 

Placing your advertisements in Ken's World Directory (website and publications); To provide our website visitors with monthly email updates of recent improvements or new offers; To support our E-alerts functionality, whereby visitors to our website can store settings on item searches and/or set up alerts to be notified (by email) when a specified item appears for sale on the Ken's World Directory website. Unless a visitor supplies their email address, we are unable to send such alerts; To generate an overall audience profile of visitors using the Ken's World Directory website. This information is then used to assist in developing relevant content on the website; and For fraud prevention purposes, assisting with police investigations and/or enquiries and/or complying with statutory and regulatory obligations. 

Use of Email Seller Facility 

When you register with us, You provide us with your email address. When placing an advert, if you select the Email Seller option this enables other users to contact you directly, initially via a contact form. On responding to this contact form request, your email address will be disclosed to the other user. Similarly anyone using the Email Seller Facility and submitting a contact form acknowledges that by submitting such a form, their email address will be passed to the other user. Where users are involved in a transaction via use of the Email Seller Facility, they may have access to each other?s name, User ID, email address and other contact and address information. By using the Email Seller Facility, users agree that they will only use the information provided to them for: Ken's World Directory transaction related purposes that are not unsolicited commercial messages; Using services offered through Ken's World Directory; and/or Other purposes that the user expressly chooses. Disclosure of Information We may disclose any information that we collect from you to: Other companies within the Trader Media Group; Third parties whose products and/or services we think may be of interest to you; Third party websites selected by us to whom we may send your advertisement(s); Credit reference agencies and finance companies; and / or Fraud prevention agencies, the police, the Financial Services Authority and/or other regulatory authorities. 

Keeping you 'logged into' the website. This mean you can place adverts or see extra information when viewing advert details; The ability to pre-fill the search form with your postcode, thus preventing the need to re-input it each time you need to run a search; A recent archive of ads from the My Ads link Access to our E-alert functionality; Fast page load times by storing common information; A limit to the number of occasions you are exposed to certain display advertisements on our website (such as banners and pop-up boxes). On most occasions this will mean you never see the same pop-up advertisement more than twice each time you visit the Ken's World Directory website; Tracking the relative demand for different items on the website. Such information enables us to better target advertising; Tracking the relative popularity of disparate parts of the website. This in turn enables us to concentrate our efforts on developing more parts of the website that are generating the greatest consumer demand. 

Contact us
Any questions about our Privacy policy email www.kensworld.co.uk
or call 0800 456 1060